Peer Review.

A Collaborative Approach to Improving Education

“It was an excellent opportunity to work on an objective view of an area of our organisation which we had identified for development. The process of working with other local colleagues really helped us to clarify our thinking and has significantly influenced our strategic planning.”


London South Teaching School Hub is one of only a handful of groups designated as a hub for the Education Development Trust’s Schools Partnership Programme, a cluster-based model of mutual school-to-school accountability.

Unlike other peer review models, which use a ‘mocksted’ approach, our Peer Review programme is an invitational model. School leaders identify an area of practice they are keen to develop, and invite colleagues to explore a specific set of evidence. After the review, a trained Improvement Facilitator leads a workshop designed to support the school in developing an action plan to respond to feedback and help them achieve their goals.

Since 2019, 37 schools and nurseries have participated in our Peer Review programme, to overwhelmingly positive feedback about its benefits, both for leaders’ own professional development and for their schools. The programme has enabled those participating to build deeper professional trust and to secure improvements in their own and each other’s schools.

What do you get out of Peer Review?

Participants in our Peer Review sessions have cited a number of benefits, including:

  • Practical advice on how to address identified issues
  • A deeper working knowledge of the evidence supporting schooling theory
  • Clear, actionable goals for their schools to work towards
  • Greater access to resources and support to allow them to reach towards those goals
  • A chance to build a strong professional network with experienced educators

What is involved?

Participation in Peer Review includes:

  • All training and resources necessary to be an effective reviewer and/or Improvement Facilitator for you and two colleagues
  • Working in clusters to review schools across your area, led by an experienced headteacher Cluster Leader
  • An annual review and a follow-up workshop for your school, based on the feedback from your review
  • Chances to share learning with other schools, and to receive further training and support based on the findings of the reviews.

Who should attend?

Participating schools need to train as a minimum, the headteacher as a Lead Reviewer and two to three other senior leaders to be Reviewers and/or Improvement Facilitators.

Programme Structure: 


  • Half-day introduction to Peer Review 
  • Half-day training for Reviewers
  • Half-day training for Improvement Facilitators


  • One-day Review Session
  • One-day follow-up workshop



Partner schools join for free.
Non-partner schools: £600
Returning non-partner schools: £350

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