ECF Registration

To successfully register your ECT, you need to complete  the following 3 steps. This should be completed by the designated Induction Tutor at your school.


Register on the DfE ECT portal

The Induction Tutor will need to register your ECTs and Mentors on the DfE portal. Please make sure they:

  • Choose the Full Induction Programme
  • Choose UCL as your Lead Provider
  • Choose London South Teaching School Hub as your Delivery Partner

Access the portal


Register with London South's Full Induction Programme

To sign up for our free ECF Full Induction Programme (FIP) please complete this form.

If you are interested in signing up to a Core Induction Programme or School Led Induction Programme please visit our Appropriate Body page for more information.



Register with an Appropriate Body

An ECT can’t start their induction until they are registered with an Appropriate Body service. All schools must ensure ECTs are registered with an ECF programme and an Appropriate Body service.

Please go to our Appropriate Body page to register for London South’s service.

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