NPQ in Leading Teaching (NPQLT)

Developing skill to lead teaching practice in a subject or phase.

Who is it for?

For teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading teaching in a subject, year group, key stage or phase.

What will I learn?

Develop as a specialist in your role

Gain an understanding of the core principles behind the science of learning, utilise practical tools and guidance to sequence your curriculum and plan for assessment in your specific subject and context.

Gain the skills for successful leadership

Build the expertise to effectively manage a team of teachers, and create a culture of professional learning and continuous improvement in your school.

Learn how to effectively support colleagues

Develop the skills to help colleagues plan effective lessons, meet individual pupil needs and provide opportunities for all pupils to succeed – without creating unnecessary workload.

Join a passionate network striving for educational equality

Share experiences with other school leaders, learn how they’ve faced similar challenges and build a professional network that will support you throughout your career.

Programme Structure

This 15-month programme (12 months’ delivery and three months for assessment) consists of a series of courses based on the DfE’s NPQ frameworks. Each course cycle features:

  • Evidence-based online content to refresh and build knowledge, as well as exemplify what this looks like for your role and level of leadership
  • A formative assessment task to support your learning
  • A face-to-face seminar with a group of peers, facilitated by a serving school leader–you’ll analyse and reflect on the task and hear further examples of good practice
  • The opportunity to record reflections and consolidate learning

This cycle repeats throughout the programme, with implementation a consideration in every course. Towards the end of the programme, you’ll also take a course focused specifically on effective implementation. This provides an opportunity to complete a significant but manageable change project as part of your role. There will be ongoing support through a seminar group and discussion forum.

Programme Objectives

This programme will help you to:

  • Develop as a specialist in areas related to your role, including by subject and phase (with content such as how to sequence a curriculum and plan effective assessment)
  • Work with serving school leaders and subject matter experts to turn new learning into changes in your own and others’ practise
  • Access a blended learning programme that is full of practical and tangible examples, flexible and tailored to your needs and areas of development and focus

Modules include:

  • Teaching
  • School culture
  • How pupils learn
  • Subject and curriculum
  • Classroom practice
  • Adaptive teaching
  • Assessment
  • Professional development
  • Implementation


Benefits for you

    • Develop knowledge and understanding of how to apply the evidence on what makes effective teaching, learning curriculum and assessment
    • A blended learning experience which fits around your role where you learn and discuss key content online, delivered in a way that suits the busy working lives of teachers and school leaders
    • Local virtual and face to face sessions that focus on real problem-solving, creating understanding, connecting with your peers and gaining depth of knowledge
    • Ongoing preparation to give you confidence to pass the final assessment
    • Facilitation and support from serving school leaders in outstanding schools and delivery at local venues

Benefits for your school / organisation

    • A skilful and research-informed professional who can lead a team’s improvement in teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment
    • Practical capability to get on with the job of developing others with the skills to lead people and teams, creating change and impact
    • A professionally aware and informed leader who can make evidence-based decisions and approach leading teaching in an effective and efficient manner
    • The ability to review and evaluate practice in order to bring about change and get the best outcomes for young people and staff within the organisation

How will I be assessed?

At the end of the programme, you will complete a 1500-word case study assessment to demonstrate your understanding of real leadership and change.


Our programmes are led by a team of expert facilitators from different settings and phases who will support you throughout the programme.

Further information

Start your NPQ journey by completing the application form provided below.

What next?


Funding for Autumn 2024 will target those teachers and leaders who work in the most challenging schools or educational settings, serving more disadvantaged communities.

Scholarship funding to cover the full NPQ course cost will be available to teachers and leaders from:

  • the 50% of schools with the highest proportion of students who attract pupil premium funding
  • 16 to 19 educational settings identified as having high disadvantage

Full eligibility for scholarship funding and targeted support funding details HERE

The course fee for all others is £899

Download the NPQLT Curriculum